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Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future

Most of us have heard horror stories about people who have lost their homes and most of their savings because a loved one has required lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation or long-term nursing care. A decent nursing home in our area costs at least $10,000 per month and Medicare only pays part of that cost and only for 100 days.
At Elder Care Center we help people in two types of situations: Crisis Planning takes place when a loved one has or will soon be entering long-term care and Advance Planning which involves taking steps to protect assets when the person or couple is still healthy or have been recently diagnosed with a progressive disease like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

We take a look at each individual case and formulate the best plan to ensure that you leave as much as possible for your family. We use things like:

  • Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts (MAPTs);
  • Life Estate deeds;
  • Caregiver agreements;
  • “Spend down” plans for assets so that you can qualify for Medicaid as soon as possible; and
  • Restructuring legal ownership and debt–and may more creative devices.

If you are facing a crisis, we can help. It is important, however, is to contact us BEFORE you apply for Medicaid. If you are in good health, or you or your spouse have had a recent diagnosis of a progressive illness, we can do so much more.

Please find out NOW what you need to do BEFORE someone suffers a stroke or a bad fall or a devastating diagnosis. Nobody should have to forfeit everything they’ve worked for simply because they need long-term care.

The most important thing you can do to secure your family’s financial future is to act NOW, while you are healthy. Because of Medicaid’s “look-back” penalty period, it can, literally, mean that all your long-term care expenses will be paid by Medicaid, allowing you to leave your house and all that you’ve worked for to your family or a favorite charity.

Please contact us for a free consultation, or come to one of our seminars. You will not be sorry.